The Indi shooter Industria is released for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

Bleakmills gripping shooter, set during a new Cold War, is now available on PS5, Xbox and Xbox X as seen in Guerrilla Collective 2022.

Berlin, 9 November 1989 It is very busy. After four decades of separation, many cars cross the German barrier. The synopsis of the game is presented. The government didn’t know what was happening and the wall was torn.

A man disappeared from a research centre near East Berlin. Walter is Walter’s friend, but his message was too late. You are now back at the office, where state security destroyed evidence of a research project. Walters takes you to the center of the factory, the heart of all things. Time stops at home. When will the curtain open? Finals, terrible things, and false responsibility will make you feel lost in a familiar, but strange world.