The last curve Sri Suwan carries evidence to submit The Election Commission of the Election Commission of the Chatchat campaign

The last curve! “Sri Suwan”, carries evidence to support The Election Commission’s ruling that “Chatchat” didn’t collect campaign banners. “The Governor of Bangkok” stated that he didn’t care how many votes he had before certifying the election results. But you must adhere to the law

On May 30, 2022 at the Office of the Election Commission ( EC ), Mr. Srisuwan Chanya, Secretary-General of the Thai Constitution Protection Organization. File a petition to the Election Commission after the campaign. The Bangkok Election Commission apparently sent out a letter to candidates urging them to quickly collect campaign signs within three days of passing the previous elections for the governor of Bangkok. There are still many applicants , the Bangkok governor, and the Sor Kor.

Don’t ignore, there should be a campaign tag. These candidates were elected to represent the people. But they didn’t follow the law. The association brought evidence to support complaints and accusations at different police stations. They also went to several other districts to report more.


The Election Commission will now consider certifying election outcomesin many locations. Today, the association observes that the applicant is not complying with the law. It’s a basic area law so it’s an important lesson. The Election Commission decided whether to certify candidates to the Bangkok Governor or the Sor Kor. Not collecting campaign banners from Mr. Chatchart , the Bangkok governor. With a landslide victory

Srisuwan stated that he wasn’t interested in the number of votes he would receive. However, cannot become the Bangkok governor without following the law. Not obtaining millions of votes and not complying with the law. The Election Commission was therefore given additional evidence.

It claimed that the bags and aprons would be made once the campaign ended. However, it seems that people have already taken the bags. The employer is not named on the sign. This could be an attempt to skirt the law.

“If people are not intending to collect badges to make bags But coming into post or PR, the claim is collected by me. Is the team collecting bags to make their own bags. There is no action for those who collect bags. But, let’s make bags. Let’s sell bags for 2-3 thousand baht. Chatchart did nothing. Show that you agree. This is considered contradictory by Khun Chatchart,” stated Mr. Srisuwan.

Srisuwan stated that clear regulations should be issued by the Election Commission. You can get badges that you can use to do anything. This is because the law does not directly address this issue. First, we must follow the law. However, he requested 10 candidates for Bangkok governor, including some famous people and 10 Sor Kor candidates.

Reporters said that the Election Commission will meet in the afternoon to certify the announcement of results for the Bangkok Governor, and all 50 constituencies, as well as other important issues. There are two cases against Mr. Chatchart:

1. The hidden intention is that voters will be able to recycle campaign banners as vinyl cloth. Vote for yourself through making, offering, or promising to give. Arrange to give assets, or other benefits that may be calculated in cash?

2. These complaints are made about the government system through different agencies and not directly from the Election Commission. Mr. Chatchat states that the content is written as if bureaucracy might affect operational barriers since there are many steps.

The plaintiffs claim such an indication is an insult to bureaucracy. This case does not initially relate to electoral law. It is still not clear if it is in compliance with any law.

Paitoon Isarasereepong was a Pheu Thai candidate from Nong Chok. He filed a complaint about the election. Democratic Party candidate banquet and distribution of drinking water at various Nong Chok districts events, funerals, ordination and Yok Cho Fah.

There were hundreds of people at the event, as well as drinking water with the applicant’s name on Chuan Nam, and a glass each of water. Facebook has the banquet section. You can choose any number using evidence from photos, videos or clips.

There were also candidates to the National Assembly. Three other candidates were also present at the Investigative Department of the Election Commission. However, they did not want to reveal their identities due to concerns over the influence.

Meanwhile, Mr. Waranchai Chokchana (candidate for Bangkok governor seven times) demanded that the Election Commission endorse Mr. Chatchart to be Bangkok’s governor. He stated that he does not think about anything personally. Not to mention certification of Sor Kor. No complaints. Because people are eager to work