The Robotics are returning in the swarm of Thunder Kid II: Null Mission

Are you ready to dance more? The unfavorable gun fire is back.

We were not too excited when Thunder Kid was released in 2022. However, we were still on the hunt to find a robot spy. It was, as you might imagine, a cost-effective way to take in and it helped us solve our Gamerscore problem. It was not all bad, however, it was a tedious run-and-gun adventure.

The Eastasiasoft team isn’t stopped by this. As the Robot Empire returns to Eastasiasoft, so does Thunder Kid in the catchy titled “Tumpsickness and Null Mission.”


You have some fun with hostage rescue, finding the robot foes, and then destroying them before they’re too late. Thunder Kid II: Null Mission, with its promise of exodus blast action, and the possibility to navigate through many environments is quite believable.

There is always a chance that it won’t grow as much on the future, but we will make sure to include all aspects in our complete review. Take care.

You may be sold because you are curious about the Thunder Kid or because you want to find a way around it.

  • Jump, run, and shoot from third-person angles
  • You can enjoy a 3D presentation using low-poly dyes.
  • Dodge enemy actions is a fearful blend of shoot-off and shoot-off.
  • You can treat many environments, including cities and swamps.
  • This blog is available to you at all times.

S, PS4, Xbox5 and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Store is now available.

Game Description

For a more dangerous mission, the battle against barrow-powered guns is back. Robotic Empire has returned and is attempting to kidnap all humankind. You can play the role of Thunder Kid once again and save the hostages. Also, you must find the mysterious leader of the enemy before it is too late. You can choose from a variety of styles to make yourself look like an enemy game or a pair of great enemies. Thunder Kid II: Null Mission, like its predecessor, is a low-poly, 3D run n gun action video game. You play from behind your main character. Your task is to bring the classic genre perspectives to life while keeping its trademark features. The route can be taken in a variety of 3D environments including caves, swamps, urbanscapes, and even the skies.