The sci-fi thriller Fort Solis will send players to the deserted Martian base to study

Fallen Leaf, a German company, teamed up with Black Drakkar Games, an Italian studio, in the 2022 summer games festival.


Source: Fallen Leaf Studio.

Fort Solis’ events will take place on a peninsula surrounded by the Martian base of the same name. Jack Leary, an engineer, will be notified by Roger Clark, who is the voice of Arthur Morgan in RDR 2.

Jack arrives at Fort Solis to discover that the workers have left. To find out what happened to the workers and why they were built, players must endure the hectic Martian night.


Fort Solis will feature key scenes, including atmospheric stories and compelling stories.

The Fort Solis will be available on Steam (PC) in the near future. Troy Baker (Troy Baker) is the protagonist. This project was created for the Unreal Engine.


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