The story was confirmed in a press conference. Sony did not postpone God of War Ragnarok to 2023 and will confirm this before the end of the month

A journalist by the name of Jason Schreier has identified three informants close to the event. The date for the adventure game God of War Ragnarok was scheduled to be released.

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The launching point for the new Schreiers post was announced by the Spanish Gamereactor portal branches. According to European sources, the warrior will be pushed back until 2023.

All three Schreiers informants say that this is not the case. The announcement of god of war will be made in November. Two sources confirmed that the exact release date will not be known until June.


Schreier claims that God of War Ragnarok’s release was announced by Sony in September of 2012. This was according to an entry in the PlayStation database. However, it was later decided that the release would be delayed.

God of War Ragnarok will go to PS4 and PS5 and is expected be released in the new year. Schreyer said that game development can be unpredictable and it is possible for the project to move forward to 2023. However, this is not happening at the moment.