The Suicide of Rachel Foster Walkthrough

Rachel Foster’s Suicide Walkthrough – by One-O-One GAMES for PlayStation, PC Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 & Xbox. – From Day 1 (Ending),


Day 1 – Your First Steps

Day 1 – First Steps Walkthrough – Video guide from Diamond Snake. You can complete Day 1 of The Suicide Of Rachel Foster by ONE-O ONE GAMES on PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch. Turn on the furnace is the main objective of this day. Next, you will need to play the bass guitar

About the Game

Nicole, then a teenager, and her mother, left their family hotel in the wake of Leonard’s affair and Rachel’s pregnancy. Rachel was a girl Nicole was close to who later committed suicide.


Nicole plans to honor her mother’s will and sell the hotel to make amends with Rachel’s family now that her parents are gone. She is determined to end that chapter and returns to the hotel to assist the family lawyer in an audit of the structure.