The Xigmatek NYA 3F computer case received two glass panels and an unusual front-part

Xigmatek introduced the brand new NYA 3F computer case intended to be the basis for an arcade or gaming gaming space with a strict and appealing design.

Classic Mid Tower is totally black. There are two panels of glass employed and are placed in the front and left the front. The front page was the first to receive the design.

There are a variety of ways to connect the ATX mini-ITX, micro ATX and micro-ATX motherboards as well as seven expansion cards. The maximum stroke rate is 320mm while the total distance for the power supply should not exceed 165 millimeters.


The system is able to be fitted with 3.5 milliliters from one vehicle and two additional 3.5-2.5 milliliters of the same car and two 2.5-inch’s of a single car. The link box at the top of the page has the microphone and headphone jacks and the two USB 2.0 ports, and an USB 3.0 port.

If airflow is present the possibility of a low-stakes venting is possible with a 120mm diameter. The liquid circuit can be used to build an front radiator that has the height of 90 mm , or an rear radiator that has 120mm of height. The elevation of the cooler could be as high as 160 millimeters. Case dimensions 365 200 456 mm.