There were 60 FPS in Assassins Creed Origins compared to Xbox Series X S and Playstation 5

The week before, Assassins Creed Origins received an eagerly-awaited patch which adds 60 FPS support. The patch has increased the speed on both the Xbox Series X | S as well as that of the Playstation 5, without any adaptation to new generation consoles.

The ElAnalistaDeBits channel was tested at 60 frames per second within Assassins Creed Origins:

  • It’s backward compatible. The patch is only able to unlock 60 FPS on consoles that are newer.
  • Playstation 5 can only be used with Playstation 4 Pro-Mode settings that are 1620p.
  • The Xbox Series X has a distinct advantage. It is a continuous resolution , which is 2160p.
  • The game is compatible with Xbox Series S at 1080.
  • The loading time to load Xbox X | S is lower than Playstation 5.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison.