Tiles Combos make your loop easier in Loop Hero

Tiles Combos help you make your loop more enjoyable to play Loop Hero – Blood Path The Count’s Land, Town, Mountain peak, Burned Forest…


In this article, you will come across some strategies that will allow you to play without burning your brain.


Tiles Combos can make looping easier to use Loop Hero. You should think about how the cards could be combined to form more effective strategies.

Tiles Combos make your path more efficient to follow Blood Path

Set two Battlefields cards near each other so that their blue areas of effect is in the same area. After that, Blood Clot spawn every 4 days. They aid in the hoarding of loot in each loop because they are fragile, making it easy to eliminate them. Two chests will be spawned.

Count’s Land

Village Card Village Card can place it in an Vampire mansion. It will remove the Village’s healing effects as well as in every loop four ghouls will appear. After 3 loops, it will change to the Count’s Land. Count’s Land


Upgrading Gymnasium unlocks Suburbs card. By placing five of them in a cross-shape can create an area called a Town. This will increase the level of experience gained by fighting enemies by 2

Ample Treasury If you have a problem with your devices and credit cards, the most effective card to use is the Treasury. It provides you with random resources after you have placed any item on the tile next to it. If you can fill up all 8 tiles surrounding the Treasury it will become an empty Treasury and offers you many bonus resources. However, gargoyles start to appear every 3 days.


Mountain Peak

The placement of 9 mountains or rocks in a 3-by-3 square creates Mountain Peak. It gives you +120 HP, and an additional 5 HP for each mountain or rock tile. However, harpy will be spawned every 2 days . If you have more than 10 mountains or rocks, Goblin Camp will appear. Goblin Camp will appear

Burned Forest

Requieres Forest along with Thicket cards. Burned Forest: Burned Forest gives you 0.5 extra damage to arson.

Hungry Grove

When you obliterate an Grove and you’ll get hungry Grove. It’s a feat that devours enemies with less than 20 percent HP.


Oasis could be among the most effective, since it comes with many positives over negatives Put the river card in the sand and you’ll be presented with an Oasis.

Effect: reduces the speed of our hero’s attack by 1%. It also reduces the other creature’s attack speeds by 22 percentage. The enemy takes the most severe damage.


Blooming Meadow

Meadow adjacent to any card that is not itself is transformed into the card itself becomes a Blooming Meadow. The card’s ability is to recuperate 3 HP every day.