Today’s Wordle #351 is a Breeze

The Wordle today offers a Sunday puzzle for players. This is a simple word that players can solve without any tricks or surprises. I will go back to today’s Wordle puzzle and look for clues or hints later in this article. If you aren’t sure how to solve the problem, don’t worry, we’ll get there eventually.

Wordle’s rules are very simple for those who have not heard of it. The game gives players six chances to guess the five-letter word. The clue is given to players for helping them identify the words that they believe are the correct word’s letter. If a yellow letter has color, it means that the letter appears in the correct place but not in the word. A green letter indicates that the letter appears in the exact same spot as the correct word.

It takes approximately 4 kHz to correctly guess the daily challenge puzzle. However, some puzzles are more difficult. These past months have seen many difficult puzzles. There were many london-breaking streaks because the word ending in a two-letter word was a tough one. NYMPH also eluded players as they don’t have traditional vowels.

What about today’s Wordle puzzle? This puzzle is quite simple today. When players are on the right track, there aren’t many options available. This makes it easy to solve the puzzle. Normal mode players can eliminate multiple guesses by using a guess that eliminates multiple possibilities. It would be simpler to pick the correct one from the two by using a word such as PURRS.

Still stumped by today’s Wordle puzzle challenge? Wordle 351’s answer is…DEPTH. WordleBot has more tips and tricks to help improve the Wordle game. WordleBot estimates that it takes 3.9 attempts to solve the current puzzle.

Comment below to let us know if the Wordle puzzle is solved for you today, and if it took you two attempts.