Tom Henderson says that Starfield will occupy a lot of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

According to Tom Henderson the show will occupy between 15-20% of the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. Although it was obvious that Bethesdas title was going to be at the top, it was hard to imagine it being given that much space.

The debate is back for the second time. It’s clear that the Xbox Game Studios game is the best, so it’s only natural that Microsoft would bet big on it, despite several months of delay.

Henderson hasn’t given any details so it’s unclear what will be shown. Although we will likely see some gameplay, there are events that can never be described.

It is correct to say that this information comes from rumors and should therefore be verified. Henderson is regarded as one of the greatest insiders, and he cannot publicly share false information. You have a good chance of getting the truth.

His indiscretion regarding the presence of Hideo Kojima’s new game during that event is our responsibility.