Flying Wild Hog has slashed the update of this update. Trek to Yomi update 1.07 (PS5 version 1.07) known as Patch 2, the feature includes a combat system. Check out the notes in this patch Trek to Yomi on June 6.

TREK TO YOMI UPDATE 1.07:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:30:00:30:30 – TREK TO YOMI UPDATE 2.03:00:00:30:00:30:50:00:00:45:30:00:50:30:00:00:21:00:01:00:30:50:32:00:45:50:00:00:00:45:00:47:00:00:40:


A further improvement was added to the worksheet for counter/price.

The timer stops and the course ceases at the first parry that is successful.

The tutorial ends and the timer begins again, until the moment when the first counter that is successful has been completed.

The hexagon was changed.

After the Parry success, the slow-motion became more suited to counterattack.

It is possible that you will be able to effectively defend yourself a bit earlier.

Blow-up was made better.

The initial attacks were reduced in speed to increase the likelihood of a player’s react.

A parry window that has been successful for certain enemies has been modified due to its attack motion.

Other modifications:

[*Removed the stun the overhead light combination.

** Fixed animations, when the timing is adjusted.

Players are now apparent and visible.

“*” Now, the player is able to counterattack twice.

[*[*] Ghoul counter-attacks were tweaked, and were added to an instrument bar.

*] A player shifts rapidly, while asleep.

The issue is NPCs falling apart is when certain conditions are satisfied with the appropriate proportion of the subject.

A button on the keyboard is turned to white when utilized.

[*] Localization improved.

“*” He was able to slam the loss of stamina and weight after being rescued by the medical staff.

This HP-point disappears immediately after being struck in the head by the shot.

[*] Corrected a rare issue that caused inputs to be lost when performing the same sequence and switching shots throughout the animation.

[*] The change to the section on arithmetic in Chapter 5 was made.

[*] Corrected an issue with the animation when in an active state.

[*] Corrected an issue in NPCs in fourth chapter of the order.

• Adjusted distance between the parry with the parry.

*I discovered the puzzles were not working in chapters five and six in the subsequent chapters.

There is added UI to the menu for inventory.

*I am trying to resolve uncommon errors where players are unable to upgrade their game when they start Chapter 7 in the game.

[*] Resolved an issue with a handful of Napoleons that were trying to skip the dialogue.

The bug concealed the catana when it was attacking opponents (*) It occurred to a bug sporting the katana hidden when it was attacking opponents.

“*” Fixed problem that was causing problems with Heavy Brute. If it’s there is no impact on the players under certain situations, the player’s ability to play it it.

Ashigaru Marksmans shooter’s speed is modified.

[*] Corrected the issue that caused the player was unable to move or rotate with out using bo-shuriken when tired.

This update to the title is it.

Wild animals and the source of its flight The og of flying flies.