Two Riot Initiatives Honored by Fast Company

Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Idea List recognized Riot’s two initiatives. This list recognizes individuals and companies that are working together to tackle some of the most pressing problems in the world each year. We are honored to be acknowledged in the Media and Entertainment category of VALORANT game changers and the Corporate Social Responsibility category of the Sentinels of Light social responsibility campaign.

Sentinels of light, the largest in-game fundraising campaign in the League of Legends universe was awarded an honorable mention under the Corporate Social Responsibility category. Nearly 15M players purchased a bundle featuring Sentinel Olaf during the campaign that ran from 2021 to 2023. The campaign raised $5.8M to fund our Social Impact Fund, which directly funds charities that work to solve the world’s pressing problems.

Players had the opportunity to nominate charities and nonprofits as part of the Sentinels of Light campaign. More than 19,000 players submitted nominations for organizations, and 30 recipients were selected from 18 countries to receive $10K grants.

VALORANT Game Changers

Our global program that provides new opportunities and exposure to women in VALORANT esports has been named a finalist for the Media and Entertainment category. More than 40% of VALORANT players identify themselves as women. Game Changers was created to ensure that the esports scene is accessible and gives exposure to underrepresented groups.

Game Changers has hosted more than 40 events all over the globe, won hundreds of thousands in prizes and had dozens of esports organizations sign women’s rosters since its inception. For the first time, all regional Game Changers programs will be gathered into one Global Championship. This will see the top Game Changers teams compete for glory. Since the beginning of the program’s operation, we have learned a lot. Our ultimate goal is for all genders to be represented at every level of VALORANT competition.