US electric car makers tumbled down from 11% despite recession fears

Yesterday’s Tesla decision to raise the price of electric cars by up to 5 percent coincided with a significant share of the company of almost 9%. However, most companies in this field lost capitalization. The matter did not end in the US. Analysts expressed concern about the possible impact of a recession upon the electric vehicle segment.

The second factor that can negatively impact company shares is the US refinancing dynamics. Credit Suisse experts stated that Tesla’s price differential is so great that current price increases will not be able reduce the sales of its electric cars. The company will actually be more affected by a shortage of components and material than the limited demand for its product.

The number electric vehicles

The specialized Jefferies concluded last week that it was important to reduce the number electric vehicles on the global market. Not only for this year but also next. According to Jefferies, it will be impossible to sell more electric vehicles this year than the nine million previously planned. The sales volume of electric vehicles will increase to 11 million in the next year instead of the 11,8 million units previously planned.

Electric cars will see a decline in passenger vehicle demand, which will allow them to increase their share of the market. The figure will increase from 10 to 11% this year, and it will go up from 13 to 14 percent next year. Experts predict that the electric car market will grow to 19 million units annually by the end, rising to 36 million units. Yesterday, the band’s shares fell by 9,15 percent while those of the group were bullied by 11,24 percent. Tesla shares have lost over a third of what they were worth at the beginning of this year.