Warhammer 40000 a rogue trader meets abelard werserian

We were told by the developer about the company’s new cRPG. The developer provided some details about one our helpers. You’ll be able to do trivialities like bookkeeping and trade secrets as a rogue trader. This is where the Seneschal comes in. Meet Abelard Werserian. He is a man of service.

Abelard Werserian was the first officer to board a cruiser-voidship over two decades before fate intervened with Theodora von Valancius. A forwardr trader, she was an eccentric. The two of them, who had been separated, came to love and respect one another during a joint operation between Navis Imperiais and Rogue Trader. Abelard granted the Seneschal to theodora, despite her irritation. This position confers the highest honors and the greatest burdens.

Abelard, the left hand of Rogue Traders and still vigilant against Valancius’ deportation, continues to be vigilant despite being a decade old. His hair has become more difficult over the years than his Navy days. Yet, Abelard remains one of the most trusted members of the Rogue Traders crew and is fiercely loyal the trade empire he helped to establish.


Pathfinder: Kingman was the creator of Pathfinder. Pathfinder: Wrath of Righteous is Warhammer 4000’s Rogue Trader. Players can take on the role of a Rogue Trader and explore the dangerous Koronus Expansion along with their loyal companions. Your decisions will impact the lives of all worlds. You will improve your tactical and strategic skills against powerful enemies in high-impact, turn-based combat. For serious facts, check out the trailer below.