Wars and Roses Cheats, Trainer & Patch

Wars and Roses Cheats and Trainer & Patch – invisibility. Kill all. Stats. Unlock all. Infinite money. Unlimited affection.



The official cheats and patch contain everything you need to enjoy the final version of the game.


Wars and Roses Cheats Trainer & Patch – Cheats & Trainer

Although the game doesn’t have any cheats of its own, you can use a trainer to get all the cheats that you need.

Unzip Assembly -CSharp.zip under “Wars and Roses_DataManaged”.

  • F1 = Invisibility
  • F2 = Kill all Enemies
  • F3 = kill all friendlies
  • B = Win the Mission
  • F8 = Add affection and love to the chosen girl on the menu
  • F9 = 1k extra for each girl
  • F10 = Unlock all girls & max affection
  • F11 = +1m Money

These cheats and the.zip work only with version 1.0. It is theoretically the final version so it should always work. These cheats may not work if the game is updated or expanded, such as to version 2.0.

This trainer will give you everything you need. You’ll get invisibility and kill all stats, unolock and infinite money, infinite affection, and much more.

Wars and Roses Cheats Trainer & Patch – Patch

Although there is no official Steam patch, we believe it will soon be available. We have obtained it directly from warsandroses.com.


We have left you the link to the official Patch link >

This patch unlocks all content you are unable to access via the official Steam version. As we mentioned, this patch will be included in Steam within the next few days. It is the only official one.

So that you don’t have to spend hours farming or searching for inaccessible content, you already have all the tools and knowledge necessary. We hope you enjoy them

About WAR

The all-female, private military company Black Rose is created to fight a terrorist group that hides worldwide. It takes place in modern military society. After the majority of the squad’s members have been captured in a recent battle, the player is invited to join the squad and lead it.
Our mission is to reinvent the FPS genre by combining 2 types of games into 1. To reward players with an unparalleled level of sophistication, depth and fun

  • A tactical close-quarter shooter with sneaky AI and bullet Physics
  • Beautiful companions for women who will fight alongside you
  • Begin a relationship with each female companion to discover their unique situations, dialogue, and interactions
  • You can earn money to upgrade your skills, buy gifts and impress your friends.
  • Rescue more beautiful beauties to recruit them