WayForward to publish side-scrolling platformer LUNARK for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

WayForward will publish LUNARK a platform created by Canari Games. In 2022, it will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Switch as well as PC via Steam and Mac. Limited Run Games will release a physical edition for the PlayStation 5 or Switch.

WayForward, creator of LUNARK, stated in a press release that they were one of the first companies to offer me a job as a freelance artist. They knew their passion and put their all into this partnership. LUNARK was not in poor hands.

WayForwards Tyrannical Underlord Voldi Way has added: LUNARK is an homage to cinematic platformers from the past. However, its unique design isn’t as well-known. Canari Games is proud to partner with us to allow players to enjoy LUNARK for themselves.

This is a visual tour of Steam’s game.


This pulp adventure takes place in the middle a totalitarian rebellion. LUNARK is a 2D-camera platformer that was released in the 1990s. You can run, jump, and shoot through stunning and mysterious locations!


Earth was becoming increasingly unhealthy long ago. More optimistic forecasts indicated that the world’s population was just about to survive another decade. Scientists built the computer NOAH at the International Lunar Station. They claimed that it could capture intelligence and protect humanity. The solution was to turn the moon into an enormous spaceship and use its core to create a reactor that could send millions of embryos to the superhabitable planet. This operation is known as the LUNARK Initiative.

Today is the 300th anniversary for the arrival of the settlers on Alberne. A large portion of the population is now oppressed by the army of the settlers, which imposes NOAH’s rule. The LUNARKin geostationary orbit above Albaryne is a symbol for oppression.

Leo is a young orphan who lives alone and has unique physiological and physical characteristics. These traits make them curious, but also cause hatred in their community. You will help Leo fulfill her destiny and meet powerful characters from both sides of the conflict.

The Key Features

  • Children get a free game
  • Explore twelve levels.
  • Detailed pixel design.
  • Rotoscoping is used to create a variety of cinematic scenes.