WB has entirely redesigned Gotham Knights combat for it to work well in co-op

WB Games Montreal is the studio behind Batman: Gotham Knights. They have confirmed that the team has “entirely revised” the combat system in order to enhance the co-op experience.

Gotham Knights is an open world single-player and cooperative action role-playing game featuring Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. Following the death of Bruce Wayne, the setup requires that the foursome protect Gotham.

Fleur Marty (executive producer of Gotham Knights) stated that the combat system has been completely redesigned in order to make it work in co-op. While we are still a brawler and some mechanics won’t feel completely alien to Arkham fans, it’s in many ways very different.

“The Gotham City setting is perfect for the two-player dynamic. Patrick Redding, creative director, said that the ‘duo’, or team-up, is so central to the universe, there’s a literal abbreviation for it in comics, animations, film and TV. “Gotham is full of alleyways, rooftops and other interesting places. The footprint for gameplay must be compatible with this.”

“Since all characters share the story progression, it makes sense that you don’t have to level them from scratch every time your character wants to change. Marty stated that it also keeps our story very consistent.

“The other members of Batman’s family are always there in the background so that you can be out fighting crime or solving mysteries, they don’t go away. It makes sense that they are growing and becoming stronger.

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Gotham Knights were revealed in August 2020. It is expected to be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 later this year.