Where to Find Rotten Breath in Elden Ring: Where to Find Rotten Breath

Do you want to find out where Rotten Breath can be found in a ring similar to Elden?

Rotten Breath, a Dragon ink that can be used in Elden Ring, is available. This can be unlocked by the Ritual Of Dragon Communion, which is available on two sites.

This rotten-breath can be found early in the game and is one of the most broken Incantations.

Radahn believed that Rotten Breath was the only way to defeat the super boss.

Rotten Breath is also developed by Dragon Hearts. These items were once defeated by Dragons. However, they don’t only kill ancient Dragons but also the Lands Between people.

You only need one head dragon to obtain a rotten breath.

This guide will help you find Rotten Breath in between these two regions.

Let’s start.


Rotten Breath doesn’t have the typical Fire attack of the Elden Ring. It is a Scarlet Rot version. A series like Soulsborne has Dragons that are openly fantasy.

Elden Ring is home to Dragons in all their forms. The Dragonbarrow is one of the easiest obstacles to remove, but others require planning and patience.

Rotten Breath can be charged to increase its duration in a given zone. This isn’t expensive, but it can drain your FP much faster. Scarlet Rot, like many of its enemies, doesn’t have any obstacles to it.

If you have to deal with bosses who are difficult, Rotten Breath can be a great strategy. However, it does not speed up their HP.


The spring-ring can be used to unlock and extend the moonnapping.

The Chapel of Dragon Communion can be found on an island accessible via Limgraves Coastal Cave. The church of Dragon Communion, on the other hand is found in Caelid’s south-west.

Inside the chapel will be an in-game message describing the location of the cathedral.

When you reach the Cathedral of Dragon Communion or Chapel, you’ll find a red sconce placed in front of a dead Dragon. You can hold at least one Dragon Heart in your hand and take this sconce to the Chapel or Cathedral of Dragon Communion. Scroll around to find Rotten Breath.

You must ensure that you have all the necessary faith and arcane stats in order to be able to use the Incantation.