Wildermyth Best Mods (2022)

Wildermyth The best Mods Hairs, Relationships & Faces, Amor, Lregendary Weapons, Transformations Campaign Variants, and more


Wildermyth Best Mods – Love is in the Air Mod

This mod includes eight new characters to the game, with a focus on different stages of love. If you believe your characters deserve greater chances to develop romantic relationships or to expand their romance This mod is for you. If you are satisfied with this mod, please vote for it so that the mod can receive an A+ rating.


Download the Love is in the Air Mod > Here

Wildermyth Best Mods – Ficeny’s Hair Pack Mod

Additional hairstyle options to customize! Hair for women 9 (suitable for smaller head forms) Masculine hair 6 (suitable for larger head forms) Total 15

Wildermyth Best Mods – Expanded Items: Armors Mod

There are 5 different armors for each class, and 3 levels per armor 3 tiers per armor Mystic Armors, Hunter Armors, Warrior Armors – so 15 amors, and 45 tiers

Download the Expanded Items: Armors Mod > Here


Wildermyth Best Mods – Evolving Relationships Mod

The changing Relationships includes 8 new events (5 before battle, 2 while conducting scouting and one after victory). Each event can trigger a change in the relationship between two heroes because of the circumstances they’re in, or because of their individual physical characteristics. Also featuring personality-dependent dialogue, some transformation-dependent dialogue, and 3 follow-ups that can appear in the peacetime intervals between chapters!

Download the Evolving Relationships Mod > Here

Wildermyth Best Mods – 10,000 Faces of Wildermyth! Mod

Are there really 10,000 faces? In fact, there is far more than the 10,000 faces. Since more updates have been released with the addition of new eyes along with other modders releasing add-ons to the 10,000 Faces of Wildermyth, the number has gotten much bigger! I’m not going to make the calculations There are tons of possibilities!

This mod divides all facial features into distinct categories, such as Noses, Eyes, Mouths. The mod then expands the options by adding new eyes that fully allow expressions to be used in the game!

Download the 10,000 Faces of Wildermyth! Mod > Here


Wildermyth Best Mods – Legendary Weapons Mod

This mod includes four distinct multi-part quests to every campaign, leads to the discovering a special legendary weapon. Discover the mystery behind the skull key. Meet stone spirits and earn their confidence (or perhaps not). Meet an legendary hunter and help in filling with his prize room. Find a way of defeating an invulnerable ghost , and then take the prize.

Download the Legendary Weapons Mod > Here

Full Wolf Transformation Mod

Allows you to play with the torso of a wolf in the game to play the theme of the wolf. You can get this part as you would the other parts! Note that if choose to do this, all the limbs will be the wolf’s parts. It’s quite strange to see a wolf’s body with human legs and arms isn’t it? Imagine it as being embraced by the beast from the moment you choose to do so as an choice following your first chapter!

Download the Full Wolf Transformation Mod > Here


Procedural Campaign Variants Mod

The mod includes a variety of variations of the Wildermyth 1.0 procedural campaigns, such as seven-chapter campaigns as well as campaigns that have greater or less the number of years that peace. The campaigns included in this mod use all the mini chapter tales that can be found in Wildermyth’s procedural campaigns currently.