Will Of Asura Codes – June 2022

All Will of Asura Codes in One Updated List – Mobile Game By Evil Mojo Games – Redeem these codes to get perks and freebies, and all the ninjas across different world lines

Will Of Asura Codes – Full List

These codes can be used to redeem perks and other freebies, as well as all the ninjas of different worldlines

Both active and valid codes

  1. Nindo2205 – Redeem this code to claim 5 Premium Summon Tickets for (New)
  2. rasengan2204
  3. rasengan2203
  4. Hokage123 – Redeem this code to claim Gifts (New).
  5. Spring2022: Use this code to get free rewards
  6. discord123 – Use this code to get free rewards
  7. konoha333 – Use this code to get free rewards
  8. chidori77 Redeem this code to get free rewards
  9. rasengan2202
  10. Cha77: Use this code to get free rewards
  11. ninja777 Redeem this code to get free rewards
  12. merryXmas2021
  13. ninja12 Redeem this code to get free rewards
  14. Kurama99 – Use this code to get free rewards
  15. Susano123 – Get free rewards by redeeming this code
  16. nindo220102 Redeem this code to get free rewards
  17. Nindo220101 – Use this code to get free rewards

Stay tuned for more codes. Check our list regularly.

Codes that are expired

These codes are no longer valid:

Social Media Channels Will Of Asura


  • Discord: ? ?
  • Twitter: ? ?
  • Facebook: ? ?
  • Instagram: ? ?

If you have any additional working codes that you would like to add, leave a comment and we will add them into the list. Credits will be given for your efforts.

Will of Asura Codes – How to Redeem?

These steps will allow you to redeem codes

  1. Start the game, Will of Asura
  2. Tap the profile icon (top-left)
  3. Tap on the System Settings icon (left)
  4. Scroll down and click the Redemption code button
  5. Click on Redeem to enter any of the Redeem Codes (Valid and Active).
  6. Enjoy your freebies

Will of Asura Codes – About the Game

Even when you’re offline, your ninjas continue to work tirelessly and inexorably to improve themselves.

Diverse world lines have been merged, and ninjas of different decades are available for your call! Now is the time to build your amazing team!

We have many options for you to use in battles: Ninjas, beasts and skills, as well as elements, formations, sage tools and elements, as well.


You can create your own guild, challenge bosses together, and enjoy the wealth and honor!

Our forever harbor is home. If you feel tired, take a break in Housing.

You can make a legend with Ninja Tower, Realm, and daily trials.

The following video shows how you can redeem codes in Will of Asura (thanks youtuber: VixenVirus Code)