YET-based game desta: The Memories Between the Games, which we also announced will be recalled

Developer Ustwo announced last night the second and earliest game of the year, Desta: The Memories Between. The Desta: The Memories Between video was a behind-the scenes show that showed the game on multiple platforms, themes, its theme and its visuals. Desta: Memories Between, a turn-based strategy video game, brings more without a definite platform or release window. This article focuses on reliving memories, friendships and more. Below is the Destas: Memories Between video.

Desta: Although the Memories Between Platforms are not yet announced, the video below showed that the audio and link can be run on the Wii and iPad. If it is released, the iOS version will be available on the day of the game. The computer will also be able to enjoy the Monument Valley series by Ustwo Games. You can play Albania from Ustwo here on Apple Arcade or here on Steam. How do you rate Desta: The Memories Between Ustwo Games? Have you played any of the other games developed by Desta?