Ys IX Trophy Guide

YsIX Trophy Guide – All the help you need in unlocking all trophies. Locations, video guides and tips.


Ys IX Trophy Guide – Bronze Trophies

  • Paragon – Complete Boss Rush: video, (lunatic mode).
    • Indomitable Champion – Boss Rush Complete without Retrying
    • Fleeting Mirage – In Time Attack, defeat your boss without taking any damage: After you’ve finished the game, spam your skills with the first boss
    • Greased Lighting-In Time Attack, defeat your boss in 30 seconds or less. After you’re done with the game, spam your skills with the first boss
    • Raging Bull and the Unyielding – Explore Balduq as the Raging Bull’s leader: Yufa can be played with for hours
    • Renegade and the Cunning – Explore Balduq as a leader with the Renegade: You can play with Jules for hours
    • Doll, the Resplendent – Explore Balduq as a leader with the Doll: You can play with Anemona for enough hours
    • Hawk, The Peerlees – Explore Balduq as a leader with the Hawk: You can play with Credo for enough hours
    • White Cat, Nimble – Explore Balduq as a leader with the White Cat: Krysha can be with you for hours
    • Crimson Kings, The Radiant – Explore Balduq as a leader with the Crimson Queen: You can play with Adol for enough hours
    • Conqueror the Nox– Clear all Grimwald Nox, regardless of rank
    • Zenith in the Grimwald – How to get an S in a GrimwaldNox: video guide


  • Showstopper – 100 Times: LT +RT when in boost mode
  • Overdrive – Use Boost Mode 100 times: LT + RT
  • Impervious – Use Flash Guard 100 times: flash guard = perfect guard
  • Heartbreak – Inflict Broken 1000 Times: Take on the enemy’s weaknesses to destroy them
  • Lemures exterminator – Defeat 1000 lemures: Play and defeat lemures
  • Banisher – Beat the ultimate Lemures Vakh Medios (no time attack): Video guide
  • Kill 2000 Monsters by Culling the Herd
  • Apex Predator – Get to lv.99 with any character. It’s easier in New game +. Tempest Elixirs will also help you get to lv 99.
  • Dressed To Kill – Forge Ultimate Weapons For All 6 Monstrums. You’ll get the schematics at Balduq Fortress – Abyss’s Fool’s Jail. However, you must have all 6 weapons simultaneously
  • Forge an Ultimate Armor: Get the schematics at Balduq Fortress – Abyss’s Fool’s Jail
  • Virtuoso – Get to the top with all your skills. Spam your skills and use the Warrior accessory
  • Haute Cuisine – 1,000,000 Gold in your possession: Video with specific locations
  • Hermetic Bastion: Attain 100% Ritual Relics Enhanced: Talk to Dogi to fully enhance the Relics
  • Ambassador for the Dandelion Obtain 100% of Affinity With All Characters: Level 2 > Gift them from the Shops, Level 3 > Sidequest Near the End of the Game
  • I would walk 300 miles – Just play until it’s unlocked
  • Material Girl: Attain 100% all Materials entries in your journal. Hit Harvesting Points while you play. You can also purchase them from Morbihan after chapter 4

Ys IX Trophy Guide – Silver Trophies

  • Debonair Sociite > Attain 100 percent of all “People” entries in your Journal.
  • Good Samaritan– Complete all quests. > Check all side quests .
  • Seeker for Fortune – Attain 100% all Treasure Chests. > Check the locations
  • Nightmare Survivor – Clear the Nightmare difficulty level or higher: It’s easier to do in a New Game +

Ys IX Trophy Guide – Gold Trophies

  • Cartographer Complete the Balduq map: Fill in 100% (including dungeons), although it is difficult, you’ll find a sacramental during Chapter 6’s Dungeon that will be very helpful. > Check the map completion

Platinum Trophies Guide

  • King Of The Monstrums – Collect all previous trophies