Stardust Collective released a new gameplay trailer showcasing its upcoming VR title, Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure. Alongside it, game’s developers offer more guided experiences provided you know the basics of a tutorial or when you learn the art of robbery. At the moment, the game has no release date however, the plan is that it’ll be available in June , for Steam VR and Quest 2. Check out the trailer below while waiting for more details.

It is the credit of The Stardust Collective.

It’s time to go on a journey across space with the help of your missing extraterrestrial companion Ziggy and my reliable self-confidence buddy. On the way, you’ll encounter friendly characters while you try to escape without being enhanced by the galactic generals! Inside the cockpit that is large in your room, you will find that all of the ship’s systems are fully functional and up-to-date as far as they can be. Head to the station, remove your shields and check the pressure and temperature. Then, repair to balance and stabilize the ship to making life easier for myself and the crew. Take part in an exciting VR space battle. As you traverse throughout the solar system you’ll see a lot of asteroids and space debris. Take on enemies using weapons that can destroy ships. Collect the armor of their vessels to display their destruction and to remain alive. You can also do cabs! Every single game in Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure takes you to the solar system in an original way , with a distinct story behind each route you travel.

  • Layering complexity: Every level comes with various issues to be faced which requires you to use the systems of your ship in a different way.
  • Galactic Leaderboards: Compete with your fellow players with time trials and scoring.
  • Colors: Earn trophies will be displayed on your ship. You can also apply them to your look, which includes Chilean-inspired cosmetics item for Ziggy.