Among Us Mod Menu APK

Among Us Mod menu APK – These are the three best mod menus apks with their descriptions, so you can pick the one that you like the most


Mod 1 Among Us Mod Menu APK

This mod is probably the most comprehensive. Here’s a look at what it contains.


  • Show player info
  • No clip
  • Moving in Meeting
  • Spam Report (Meeting Must Start
  • Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
  • No Meeting Cooldown
  • Close all Doors
  • No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  • Ventilation can be moved in
  • Sabotage lights
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Teleport Outside
  • Teleport Inside
  • Spectate Player
  • Shadows Through Walls
  • Speed
  • Torch Distance
  • Choose Fake Role
  • Chat with Ghost
  • Sabotage (Have Cooldowns).
  • Modify Player Roles
  • Kill player
  • End Game [ Impostors win ]
  • End Game [ Crew Wins]
  • Uno Reverse Vote (Everyone Votes for Themselves)
  • Anti Vote [You Cant Be Voted]
  • Redirect Vote [Take everyone’s vote and vote for a chosen colour]
  • Completion of My Tasks
  • Complete all tasks
  • Enter the Player Name
  • Choose a Player
  • Text Effect (RGB Animation, RGB Slider).
  • RGB Slider (Red, Green, and Blue)
  • Chat always visible
  • Unlocked Hats
  • Unlocked Name Plates
  • All Pets
  • Unlocked Skins
  • Unlocked Visors

Official Download Link > Here (Choose Mod 1)

Mod 2 Among Us Mod Menu APK

This mod is also extremely complete. Here’s a look at what it contains.

  • Mod Menu
  • Seven categories: Slider Player Mod Slider Player Mod, Sabotage MOD, Animations Mod, Character Mod, Misc Mod, Host Mod
  • Player Speed Slider
  • Slider for Player Ghost Speed
  • Light Radius Slider
  • Vent as Crew
  • Chat always visible
  • All tasks completed
  • No Kill Cooldown (Patched).
  • Active Door Sabotage during Others
  • You can do multiple sabotages
  • Fake Impostor
  • Slider to Increase Dead Body Report Distance
  • There is no emergency cooling down
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings
  • Control Security Cams Zoom (Skeld).
  • Sabotage lights
  • Sabotage Systems
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Sabotage Doors
  • Clear Asteroids Task Animation
  • You can play the empty garbage task animation
  • Get All Hats
  • Play Shields Task Animation
  • Unlock all Pets
  • Get All Skins
  • Remove Ads
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Anti-Ban
  • Penalty for leaving is not applicable
  • Eliminate existing bans
  • Move during Meetings/Tasks/Inside Vents
  • Ghost!
  • Force Disable Ghost Mod/Fake alive (If you’re the host, you can revive players and report bodies to be voted).
  • After the First Meeting, Out of The Game Map
  • No Shadows/See Through Walls
  • Can be passed through closed doors
  • Free Chat (Change Chat Type in the Settings as well)
  • Host Menu
  • Create a Map
  • Set Impostor Number Slider
  • Slider for Player Speed
  • Set Kill Cooldown Slider
  • Slider for Emergency Meetings
  • Flip Skeld Map

Official Download Link > Here (Choose Mod 2)

Mod 3 Among Us Mod Menu APK

This mod does not include all unlocked skins

  • All Skin Unlocked



About Us

You can play online with up to 15 players, or locally over WiFi. Your goal is to prepare your spaceship for departure. But be careful!

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks, or finding and voting out the impostor from the ship.

To cause chaos, the Impostor may use sabotage. This makes it easier to kill people and gives rise to better alibis.