Best Skyrim Sex Mods

Best Skyrim SexMods 2022 – These are the best mods to level up Elder Scrolls V. They include what you can do with each one


Skyrim is filled with mods. There are many mods that are high-quality, so you can choose from many options depending on your needs.


Note: These mods are only compatible with the PC version. They all require LoversLab and SexLab to be installed.

Best Skyrim Sex Mods 2022 Clams of Skyrim Project

This mod is one of Skyrim’s most loved and provides all details about the female body parts. We recommend that you visit our page to see it.

Best Skyrim Sex Mods 2022 – Schlongs Of Skyrim

This mod is perhaps the most comparable to the one for the male body. You can customize many aspects such as gender, race, size or race. It also incorporates realistic animations of movements of different parts of the male body.

Best Skyrim Sex Mods 2022

This Mod lets you experience everything that a relationship entails, but not just with your wife. It is not necessary that you have a relationship in order to enjoy its benefits. This Mod is open to interaction with followers, NPCs and other couples within the game.

Best Skyrim Sex Mods 2022

This mod features Alicia as your companion and Breezehome as the new location. This mod is like an oasis in the game. You can enjoy higher levels of relationships. This mod is recommended if you don’t want it to negatively affect your game experience but want to make the game more open to other options. Alicia also comes with tons voice options


Best Skyrim Sex Mods 2022: Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Parkground

This Mod will completely transform Bannered Mare Tavern, Whiterun. This Mod is very similar to Alice’s but instead of creating a new NPC or a new location, your oasis can be an existing tavern.

Best Skyrim Sex Mods 2022 – CHSBHC Body & Physics MOD

It was initially created to be an add-on for another MOD, but it can now be used as a standalone mod. It will allow the male and female parts of your body to move beyond what is normal. Even though it isn’t focused on interactions, it’s definitely fun.

Furniture Bondage Mod

This mod is best used in conjunction with the other ones. It is not focused on male and female body parts nor interactions, but on decorations. It does offer a more immersive environment than any of the other mods.

Flower Girls SE & VR Mod

It is recommended, even though it was not mentioned at the beginning. You will find surprises from the NPC women in big cities. These will include interactions, new dialogues and a new seduction method.

Goodbye Revelers, Hello Drunken Sluts Mod

This is the solution if you don’t like mods and find the majority of female NPCs irritating. It will attract all peasants as honey to flies once you have installed it. They will not leave your side unless you give them the time and attention they deserve.