BIGFOOT Comprehensive Yellow Stone Map Guide

Yellowstone map guides Dead bodies, loot locations, and general instructions for playing the game.



What you’ve probably all waited for is this map of everything including the locations of dead bodies.


Dead body’s

As you can see above, the bodies of dead people are located in the grand village, and the other on the right side of the shelter. On this map, there are only two locations to look for in order to achieve this feat. I strongly recommend it since it is the easiest thing to accomplish.

Loot guide

For this part, I will discuss the various strategies for looting. First, I’ll discuss it in my previous article, i recommended purchasing a fully automatic rifle. for this section, I think this is also the most effective weapon you can have. It is located in the park ranger’s residence at the bottom right.

Loot guide

After you have it at the time that you’ve got it, night 1 will have passed, meaning you have time to buy the necessary supplies. I suggest going to the grand village, then going to this marker.

It’s a small dock with a plane set on it. It has a few boxes that you can jump on to jump on the wing so that the bigfoot won’t be able to strike you.

Loot guide

As seen from the drone, this location is ideal for solo adventures when you are able to get a good deal during the day and return at night it is likely to be easy to win.

For multiple players, it’s crucial that everyone gets a gun, and I would recommend one player get the complete auto rifle, and the other goes to loot houses, as there are some that are spawned in shotguns. This method of climbing on top of the plane remains an effective method for players to win quick wins.


Code spawns are randomly generated, so it’s just luck that they appear within the house that has the vault. However, when you examine the general zone nine out of 10 times, you’ll discover the code.

Bad spots

After I’ve explained where to go and I’ll show you what to stay clear from. In the previous map, the watchtower was an excellent spot to visit but in this map stay clear because there isn’t any Sniper spawning up there.


Bad places

it could seem like something that is a good idea. It could be the case if you’re in a hurry, however, using the zip-line as bigfoots chase after you is not a good plan as he may hit the zip-line and kill the person who is riding it instantly.

Caves can be great in the case of bigfoot with low HP and are able to go down after a flurry of shots. Then after all due, go inside and shut the place, but in the event that he has high HP the bigfoot will barge into and hit everything and everyone, it’s not an ideal idea to put yourself in the cave with him.

 danger of dying

The lodge in the upper left corner is a good location to visit and you can buy some items there but since it is so far from the most secure areas there is a risk of getting killed.