Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Trophy Guide

Chrono Remaster Radical Dreamers Trophy guide – Get all the Trophies & the Radical Dreamer Trophy with our Guide.


Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Trophy Guide- All Trophies

  • Radical Dreamer – Acquire all trophies
  • The Awakening – Wake up after clearing the labyrinth in your dream.
  • The Dream Labyrinth – Re-visit Fort Dragonia’s labyrinth–this time for real
  • The Nemesis – Defeat Lynx in Fort Dragonia.
  • The Enemy of the World – Defeat Dark Serge at Fort Dragonia
  • The Anomaly – Use the Dragon God Relics at Dead Sea Ruins for entry to the Sea of Eden.
  • The End, and the Beginning: You arrive in Chronopolis the Time Fortress.
  • The Defiant Defeat FATE, Chronopolis’ mother computer.
  • The Long-Lost Element – Obtain Chrono Cross the rainbow-aligned Element.
  • The Devourer Undone Defeat the evolved form the Time Devourer.
  • A New Future – See the good ending.
  • An Unchanging Tomorrow: The bad ending.
  • The Developers Room: Ending 1: The Designers’ Room.
  • The Acacian Empire – See Ending 2: Acacian Empire.
  • The Magical Dreamers – See Ending 3:The Magical Dreamers.
  • Shop Staff and Three Unlikely Heroes – See Ending 4: Shop Staff and Three Unlikely Heroes .
  • The Revival of Marbule: Ending 5: The Rembirth of Marbule.
  • The Last Stand – See Ending 6 for The Last Stand.
  • The Viper Orphanage – See Ending 7: Viper Orphanage.
  • The Dark Fate – See Ending 8:The Dark Fate.
  • The Dragon God’s Revenge – See Ending 9:The Dragon God’s Revenge.
  • A Tactical Retrench: Escape from a Battle
  • Flight to the Swallow: Serge’s level 7 tech, Flying Arrow, is available.
  • Lucca’s Legacy: Use Kid’s unique level 7 tech, Hot Shot.
  • Call to the Void – Lynx’s exclusive level 7 tech, Forever Zero, is available.
  • Lunacy: Use Harle’s unique level 7 tech, Lunairetic.
  • Deadly Delta – Use the triple tech Delta Force.
  • Z The Only: Use triple tech Z-Slash.
  • The Veteran: Triumph after 500 battles
  • The Recruiter – Use the Chrono cross item to recruit all members of your party
  • The Ultimate Weapon – Create a rainbow weapon.+
  • The Ultimate Armor – Create a piece rainbow armor.
  • The Second Coming Defeat Dario to reforge Serge’s Sea Swallow into Mastermune
  • Hall of Framer – Collect all 15 types of window frames
  • Feeding Frenzy – Successfully feed the dragons 100-times in the mini-game of dragon-feeding.
  • Grand Champion – Complete the Grand Slam.
  • Immoral Compass – Get 10,000 points in this compass roulette minigame.
  • Gold Stars For Everyone: Get 99 level-growth stars.

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