Dark Souls 3 multiplayer servers return hinted by Steam update

Are Dark Souls 3 multiplayer servers finally coming back? From Software and Bandai Namco are working behind the scenes to update Dark Souls 3.

From Software fans have been distracted by Elden Ring multiplayer over the past few months. It’s easy for them to forget that Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer servers on PC are still offline. Bandai Namco is said to be working on a PvP fix. However, a new Dark Souls 3 update for Steam might offer some hope for fans.

Bandai Namco closed down the Dark Souls servers for PC to address a security vulnerability in RPG in PvP. This exploit could have allowed hackers to take over a player’s computer. Six months later, the Dark Souls online servers on PC have not returned.


According to the Dark Souls 3 SteamDB page, Bandai Namco released a new Steam debug update for the first time since years (as seen by Lance McDonald on twitter).

Although this isn’t conclusive evidence, it strongly suggests that Bandai Namco has a new Dark Souls 3 PC update in the works. This update should provide the necessary fix for the game’s multiplayer servers and exploit.

The date for the Dark Souls multiplayer update is still unknown. While you wait, the Elden Ring seamless cooperative mod is available, and The enemy randomizer module will make it a bit more unpredictable.