Fallout 76 Beginner’s Guide to Crops

This guide will provide a list of all the crops available in Fallout 76 and any details. This guide will help you decide what type of crop to plant in your camp.


All Crops

Ash Rosebush

Blackberry Bush


Bloodleaf Plant

Carrot Plant

Corpse Flower


Cranberry Plant

Fever Blossom Plant

Giant Pitcher Plant



Melon Vine

Mutated Fern


Mutfruit Plant

Rhododendron Plant

Silt Bean Plant


Snaptail Plant

Starlight Creeper Bush

Strangler Plant


Tarberry Plant

Tato Plant

Thistle Plant


Wild Gourd Vine

Wild Tato Plant

Wild Razorgrain


All Plantable Crops

These are the crops you can plant.












Crop Table

Crop Table

The Best Crops for Farming

Corn Soup can be made from corn. It is a satisfying food-water combination.

You can make vegetable starch from Corn + Mutfruit + Tatos. This gives you adhesive.


The HP regen in melon juice is quite useful.

The final verdict is that Cornis the best food crop, as it can be used to make Corn Soup, while Tatos are the best for selling purposes. Tatos are better than corn for NPCs to sell because they take longer to spoil and are smaller in size. It is much easier to grow dozens of tiny tato plants rather than corn stalks.

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