Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim review – The title is longer than the game

Hooked on you: A Dead by Daylight dating sim has been released. Check out our review of DBD today.

Behaviour Interactive is horror savants behind Dead by Daylight game in which a monstrous Killer faces four survivors. DBD is a game where the survivors attempt to fix generators and distract Killer to unlock the exit doors and escape the match. Even if the Survivors manage to escape, they are forced to face another Killer in a never-ending battle.

This is how DBD began six years ago when the game was first released. The game has grown to be a horror classic, with thousands of people playing it every day. Behavior added a range of new lore mechanics in order to improve the experience for Killers and Survivors. These mechanics mostly revolve around the Tomes, which contain new lore information.

This evolution of the lore for each character makes it clear that the developer would have a lot of material to work with if they were to create any other spin-off games. Although Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dancing Sim was initially announced as a joke by many players, they were shocked to learn that the game is actually in development.

While many Dead by Daylight players were shocked to learn of the game’s existence, no one opposed it. It makes sense to build a game around the desire of the community for the characters. This doesn’t make the game a money grab as long as it is well done and pleases its audience.

What you want or expect from the game will determine whether is interested in you. You can still enjoy the classic dating sim features like choosing your partner or minigames to show your worth to potential partners. The game isn’t designed to take huge swings but instead relies on the same type of mini-games and dialogue choices all through.

The game begins with the player being washed up on a tropical island beach. They have no idea who they are nor how they got there. You only know that the Narrator is omniscient and that there is a living Ocean who is arguing back and forth. The player is then introduced to Huntress, Wraith, and Spirit, four killers.

If they suddenly cared about how beautiful they were, each Killer looks just like their real-life model. Hooked On You has a very similar art style to other dating simulators such as the Monster Promseries. This is a good thing as it allows you to see the Killers in new ways.

Each Killer is unique and draws on its own lore. However, they also have interesting interactions with one another. It’s great to see the Killers interact with each other in a funny way. They make fun of each other and support each other in a way that is not possible in Dead by Daylight. This spin-off offers a fascinating exploration of DBD’s characters.

However, the writing could have used more eyes before being published. Although some jokes were funny enough to bring laughter, others felt a little too much. The game often makes self-referential jokes about the bad jokes. Do not talk about the jokes, write better jokes or accept the one that is bad.

Hooked on You

Image: Behaviour Interactive

You’ll see a lot of self-referencing humor, and often it’s in the form of someone arguing with Narrator, such as Ocean, Dwight, or Claudette. These segments are quite boring because they don’t require any reading from the characters. Gets Hooked on You sometimes forgets that it is supposed to have fun.

Hooked On You is a fun game. There are plenty of moments that work well. It is obvious how much filler it takes to keep each path going for over an hour. The characters are great fun, and the mini-games and dialogue keep the story interesting and lively.

Hooked On You has only a handful of mini-games. One is the repetition of more and more as you progress in the game. The primary game is a spinning wheel. The player must land on the correct marker. The wheel will speed up after each attempt, making it more challenging each time. The process repeats five to six times with your overall score being the determining factor.

Although it’s initially interesting, the repetitive repetition can quickly become tedious. The mini-game is not difficult and can be used for almost everything in the game. While it would be nice to have more variety in the mechanics, this doesn’t diminish the importance of each path. Every story is unique enough that you can skip over any parts you haven’t seen before.

The Last Word

Hooked On You: The Dead by Daylight dating sim is a lot of fun, especially for those who have spent six years with the original Dead by Daylight. Although the mechanics may get repetitive near the end, it is worth the effort to see each of these killers we have grown to love over the years. If you are new to the series, it is worth playing the original first before moving on to this one.