How to be a Pokemon Go ambassador – July and August 2022

How to become an Pokemon Go ambassador – July and August 2022. Learn everything you need to know about becoming an ambassador on Pokemon Go, enter and learn about.

How to become an Pokemon Go Ambassador

What is the Pokemon Go Ambassador Program?

Help Local and Live Pokemon GO communities around the world to enrich their experiences.

They may also receive benefits to their communities, like:

What is the role that Community Ambassadors have to play?

The Community Ambassador may organize events on their own in their community in exchange for Niantic’s gratitude and assistance.

What is Niantic seeking in an ambassador for the community?

  • Diversity Pokemon GO Trainers comprise individuals of a variety of nationalities as well as identities and ethnicities.
  • Professionalism and the quality of characters Recognition by Niantic.
  • Ambassadors should treat everyone with respect with honesty, respect and kindness.
  • Positivity They grow by the images and image of their leaders. the most effective communities are formed by focusing on the positiveand not focussing on the negative.
  • Criticism must be treated by respect, and not with aggression or anger.
  • Security As an Pokemon Go ambassador, they have to make sure that their communities as well as the places where they play are secure.
  • Integrity Do not cheat or bribing in any manner.

What benefits will the community get through The Pokemon Go Ambassador Program?

Ambassadors will be given special benefits like:


  • Item codes
  • Merchandising

How can I be a Community Ambassador?

Niantic employs its Silph Road rank and level system..

Leaders who have achieved rank four on Silph road community page may apply to become an Pokemon Go ambassador.