How to Evolve Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

Evolving the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps, Tips, and our opinion on the Pentagram, and the Gorgeous Moon


How to Evolve Pentagrams in Vampire Survivors – Steps

The process of evolving pentagram is very simple. There are only 4 steps.

  1. You can unlock Pentagram by living for 20 minutes as any character. This is the Starting Weapon of Christine Davain.
    • Leveling Pentagram up to level 7 to unlock Christine Davain
  2. The Pentagram weapon can be used to Level8
  3. Get Crown accessory power up ( passive Item): Reach Level 10 as any character
  4. You can collect a rare enemy’s box once your counter reaches 10:00. (survive for at minimum 10 minutes).

Pentagram Evolution Recipe > Pentagram + Crown = Gorgeous Moon

How to evolve

  • Like other weapons, taking Pentagram or upgrading it from the Treasure Chest or the menu will activate it instantly. It will kill all enemies on screen. (Picking it at an inappropriate time may cause your valuables to be destroyed).
  • When you have at least 4 or 5 great weapons, and don’t need any more, the pentagram is a great tool to use.

How to Evolve Pentagrams in Vampire Survivors – Levels

Boosts at the Pentagram levels:

  • 1st Level: Keeps everything in sight
  • 2nd Level: -10 Seconds of Cooldown
  • Third Level: 25% chance to not erase items
  • 4th Level: -10 Seconds Cooldown
  • 5th Level: 45% chance to not erase items
  • 6th Level: -5 Seconds Cooldown
  • 7th Level: 65% chance to not erase items
  • 8th Level: -5 Seconds Cooldown

Maximum Level Pentagram has a 65% chance to not erase treasure chests and dropped items. Also, there is a 60 second cooldown

Boosts at different levels of the Crown


  • 1st Level: +8% experience
  • Second Level: +8% Experience
  • 3rd Level: +8% experience
  • 4th Level: +8% experience
  • 5th Level: +8% experience

Crowns at the highest level will have +40 exp

How to Evolve Pentagrams in Vampire Survivors – Gorgeous Moon

  • Gorgeous Moon has an 0% chance to destroy Pickups. It is recommended that you evolve Pentagram as soon after selecting it