Is Roblox on Nintendo Switch?

Roblox on Nintendo Switch: All the latest information on the arrival of Roblox on Nintendo Switch and Nitendo Switch Light


Roblox is available on Nintendo Switch

Roblox can be played on multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, Xbox, and mobile. However, Roblox is currently not available on Nintendo Switch.


Although you may have access to the browser via Nintendo Switch, that’s all you will see. Even if you attempt to play a Roblox game once you’re on the Roblox page, it is currently not possible.

Roblox coming to Nintendo Switch? – Release Date

Although there is no date yet, it seems that plans are being made. Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki stated in May 2021, “Switch and PlayStation, Quest – all these platforms make perfect sense to Roblox.” We would be surprised if Nintendo Switch release dates were not announced in 2022.

Roblox’s stock market price is dropping due to the drop in forecasts after the post-covid crash. There is no better way to increase player base than to include two of the most beloved platforms in the world, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Roblox works flawlessly on mobile platforms such as Mobile and Xbox.

While we think that PC or XBox provides a better experience, you can still play the game on a smaller screen with your Android or iOS mobile device.

Will There Be a Release in 2022

Although it may seem a little premature to discuss 2022, we believe we can be sure that we are right if we say so.


There’s always time to be surprised, and it’s possible for Switch’s release to arrive in Q3 or Qu4. We believe Roblox is still on time, even though it may seem very close. We would like to feel optimistic but we need official information between now and the summer.

Roblox is available on Nintendo Switch Lite

We don’t believe there will be any differences between the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch Lite once Roblox arrives on Nintendo Switch. Roblox was available on mobile devices instantly, with no significant differences between the different ranges. We don’t believe that Lite users will be affected by this.

Don’t worry! We will keep this guide updated as soon as we have any official confirmation or news about the release date.