Kamado Project Slayers – Guide

Kamado Project Slayers – Guide. The top clan of Project Slayers: Kamado clan Tier, Perks and Bonuses. Also, some videos. Keep an eye out!


Kamado Project Slayers – Tier

This article provides an introduction to the most prominent clan of Project Slayers The Kamado clan. The clan is the most important clan.

Tier S

Naturally, if you’re lucky enough to be a part of this clan we suggest that you stay the same.

Perks & Bonuses

Tier S

  • Kamado > Chance: 0.1% > Type: Supreme
    • +3 Sword
    • +3 Strength
    • +3 Weapon
    • +125 Stamina
    • +140 Health
    • +3 Block Bar

It’s very difficult to find the Kamado clan when you have between 100-150 spins you’ll be able to complete multiple spins in one row. It’s probable that the clan might not emerge, however certainly it is likely that a Mythic clan will be released.

After you’ve had a few spins, you should wait a couple of days, and continue to accumulate additional spins in order to get the whole thing in one go and hope that you’ll have lots of luck and find a legendary clan.


Kamado is a supreme clan that provides numerous positive advantages, there are many positive qualities that it offers along with numerous benefits like:


  • Faster regeneration for your breath bar.
  • Ability to resist pain.
  • Stops players from losing their energy when their health is poor.
  • Indomitable Will is a feature that can be activated (weakens players in the vicinity for 20-30 minutes).
  • The speed of movement is 5%.
  • Ability to determine the HP of the items of other players.

If you’re demon (being an ally of Kamado)

  • Players are not affected by the sun’s rays if they aren’t wearing straw hats.
  • The clan is equipped with Regeneration, a skill that have the ability to replenish HP as a trade for tiny stamina loss.
  • Demon Kamado also gains an increase in stamina and stamina regeneration.

This video is a YouTuber who explains how to get Kamado to join Project Slayers, the best clan Kamado, (thanks to luckylof!)

Spins to select an entirely new Clan

It’s easy to choose one of the clans, but the only thing that we need to complete is to follow these simple steps we have listed below:

  1. Start Project Slayers, a game Project Slayers
  2. You can customize your player
  3. At the bottom there is an area that lists your name, as well as the clan to which you belong.
  4. Click “Spin” in case you would like to join a new clan.

Here you can see the location of the ubicated


Kamado Project Slayers – Mobile

If you’re an active mobile user, there is nothing is more exciting than seeing your screen the buttons you need to click for every action you’d like to do. This is why we offer you this video from Conseptal