Mafia II: Definitive Edition Tips and Secrets for New Players

Tips and tricks to help players who are new start their journey



Free Car Tune-Up and customizing

in Chapter 2, In Chapter 2, Home Sweet Home Joe takes Vito to meet Giuseppe immediately after receiving the release papers and locks You’ll be able to steal in the Jefferson Provincial. After you’ve escaped the cops, Joe advises you to go to the local body shop to change the license plate and he’ll even pay for the cost. But he’ll also be paying for additional services they provide which means you can paint your car, receive the first tune-up, and replace the rims/tires for at no cost.

This is only valid on the first time visit. All subsequent visits will be charged therefore, make sure you obtain these prior to leaving your garage.

Free shotguns for early shooting

In Chapter 2, after changing the plates, Joe will drive the opportunity to visit Mike Bruski. After a short shooting instruction, you’ll be asked to steal an automobile for Mike in the Alley at The Lone Star bar. After you journey to the bar as it approaches the gate, you will be given instructions on how to get over it. You can ignore this and go into the bar.

You will need to go through the door left of the counter to access the bar’s storage space. The metal shelf is the shotgun. Be careful with the ammunition as shotguns won’t be available to purchase until Chapter 5 of Harry as well as Chapter 7 for gun shops that are regular. But if you’re out of ammunition or are getting low and wish to test your luck, gun shop owners can use shotguns against you in the robberies, but they’re swift shots, so you should get your guns quickly to avoid them before they can get you.


Fast cash for cars that are faster

The importance of money is evident when playing Mafia 2, if you wish to alter the look of Vito’s vehicles, you’ll require money. One way to earn cash early in the game is to sell vehicles to Mike It’s unlimited but it can take time and will pay approximately $450 per car. An easier, but restricted method is to steal stores and gasoline stations. After robbing a gas station, it will be shut for the duration of the chapter you’re on. Gun shops are among the top stores to shop at.

They carry anything between $500 and $700. the best method of robbing them is to come in without armed and push the owner into the store until the unarmed fight starts. Then, simply walk into the counter or a wall and make a final combo to rob them. After that, clear the register and replenish with ammo, if needed. Bars and restaurants are the next most desirable option They’ll charge between $100 and $200 for clothing stores and between $50 and $160 for restaurants/bars.

The robbery of clothing stores allows the customer to change their clothes simply by making them available during robberies and similarly , bars/diners allow you to replenish your health by stealing food items in the robbery. However, be aware that some of the regular clothing stores do include armed guards who are mobsters like Vandel’s. They have guards with guns, so stay alert. In certain restaurants and bars the proprietors carry guns and rifles so keep an eye for them. The last and least expensive is the gas stations, which carry between $40 and $60 however, they do not have any form of security, there are no guards or guns, quick and simple in and out.