Mega-Scizor Statistics – August 2022 Pokemon Go

Mega-Scizor Statistics – August 2022 Pokemon Go. The complete information on Mega-Scizor statistics. Mega Pokemon Mega-Scizor, available within the event’s section titled the Bug Out!

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Bonus Anniversary Event

Mega-Scizor stats are added into the game.

The Pokemon does not provide the expected stats as per the formulas which are used to Pokemon GO, so these figures may not be the final and may not be the most recent Mega Pokemon

  • Mega Stats
    • Stamina: 172
    • Attack: 279
    • Defense: 250
    • Lvl 50 > Max CP: 4621
  • Regular Stats
    • Stamina: 172
    • Attack: 236
    • Defense: 181
  • Mega Evolution Cost
    • First Evolution: 200 Mega Energy
    • Subsequent Evolutions: 40 Mega Energy
    • Mega Energy Earned Per Candy While Buddy: 15 Energy

All Pokemon users who are reading this article Be aware that this information might not be complete or be subject to change.

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