Mount and Blade Warband Mercenary Contracts

Mount and Blade Warband Mercenary Agreements – How To Become a Mercenary. Payment Factors. How to End a Mercenary contract. Some useful tips



How do you become a Mercenary

Ask the lords to assign tasks to you until you are offered the leadership of a mercenary unit.


Mount and Blade Warband Mercenary Agreements – Payment Factors

Your army’s upkeep, the reputation of your characters, and heroes from your party at level 4 will determine how much you pay.

  • As a base payment, you will receive 75% for your army’s upkeep
  • +3% additional payment for every point of persuasion that your character earns. (Limit +30%)
  • +1% additional payment for every 20 characters with renown. (Limit +40%)
  • +15 denars for every hero above level 4

If you are a mercenary, we recommend that you maximize persuasion & renown as well as the level and achievements of your heroes.

How do you end a Mercenary Contract

You will be asked every 30 days if you wish to renew your contract. If you don’t, your mercenary agreement will automatically terminate.


Signing up to be a mercenary is a good idea for any faction that is frequently at war or one that you do not plan to join. It is important to note that you should not plan on joining their enemies later in the game.