Project Slayers How to PVP

Project Slayers How to PVP – Short and compact guide to learning how to play PVP in the well-known game Project Slayers, enter and go through the


Project Slayers How to PVP

In order to be able to participate within the mode of PvP, you should follow the following steps. They are simple and easy, but they could be helpful to you:

  1. Open the Project Slayer game on your typical device
  2. The main display will appear, choose the character you would like to play as in PVP.
  3. The next menu will appear, press either the down arrow or on up arrow until the word HUB appears. up arrow until HUB appears.
  4. In HUB’s HUB menu where you can select to organize a party in which you take part in a PVP battle with your friends or to play a PVP fight against other teams
  5. Play PVP with 1v1 Press the”queue button” (without joining an existing party)

We hope these easy steps will provide clarity on the way to play PVP in Project Slayers, if you have additional concerns, you can post a comment in the comments section of the article.

If you’re new to RPG types of games, we suggest you adhere to each step of this simple guide. It’s likely that you’ve not played similar games in Roblox and this guide can help you greatly in understanding how to become an excellent player.

Project Slayers How to PVP – About

Project Slayer is a video game developed by ouw0pp and his team of developers.

This game was modeled off the demon slayer series created by Koyoharu Gotouge. The game isn’t canon and includes distinct characters however, there is no guarantee that all of them will be based on demon slayer when there’s no source material available to play.


Source: Trello

Project Slayers How to PVP – Mobile

If you’re an active mobile user, there is nothing is more satisfying than looking at the screen and the buttons you can press for each of the actions you’d like to complete. We’ll leave you with this video from Conceptual.