Project Slayers Mist Breathing – Location, Moves & More

Projects Slayers Mist breathing – Locations, Moves, and More – Learn Mist Breathing Styles and master them


Project Slayers Mist breathing – Trainer Location

How to unlock Mist breathing: Visit Map 2 and find the Mist Trainer. Map 2 requires level 75. Once you have access, find the elderly NPC wearing a white beard and white hair. This map can be viewed, but if you need additional help, this video guide by XenoTy will assist you.

Requirements for Mist Breathing

To learn Mist breathing, you must be at least level 75 to access Map 2. You will also need 10k Wen and 150 Demon Horns.

You don’t need to know Demon Horns. Killing a demon will grant you one Demon Horn. This is the best way to acquire Demon Horns. However, it is rare for chests to contain Demon Horns.

You will need to find an elderly NPC with white hair, a beard, and Map 2 to complete some quests. The last is “Defeat Tokito”.

Project Slayers Mist Breathing: Moves

There are total x6 movements

  • 1st move – Cloud and Haze: The user sprints forward while continuously slashing everyone in their path in a conspicuous fashion
  • 2nd Move – Eight Layered mist: The user performs a series 7 of rapid mist-imbued slashes, with the 8th one causing more damage and knocking the opponent back.
  • Third Move – Distant Haze – The user surrounds the area with a growing mist bubble. Anyone within the boundaries of the mist will see the user and be able to pierce their abdomen.
  • 4th Move – Shifting Flow slash: The user makes an arched upwards slash
  • 5th Move – Lunar Dispersing Miste: Before firing at a range, the user climbs to a higher elevation.
  • 6th Move- Obscuring clouds: The user covers the area in a misty cloud. While they are not easily detected, they can still attack.

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