Re Volt Cheat Codes – Name

Re-Volt Cheat Codes Name – Instructions for using console commands or cheat codes as well as the complete cheat code list as well as their effects in game

Re Volt Cheat Codes – How to Use?

Cheat codes are just as easy as typing the code into your name by pressing the enter. When you’ve used cheat codes, the effects will be activated and you will be able to change your name back to the one you were using


Re Volt Cheat Codes – Full List

These are the cheat codes:

  • CARNIVAL Unlocks all vehicles available in the game.
  • TRACKER unlocks all tracks available in the game.
  • UCOUnlocks UFO Vehicle.
  • SADIST – Ability to select the weapon used during racing (Right shift).
  • CHANGELING Ability to alter the car in the course (Page Up/Page Down).
  • DRINKME All cars are small.
  • TVTIME Unlocks two brand new cameras. F5 is a TV camera. F6 Free camera (Controlled by mouse).
  • JOKER Each player has the same vehicle when playing multiplayer mode.
  • MAKEITGOOD – Enables in-game developer track editor.

If you find any other trick or code that we’ve not covered or not mentioned, please leave us a message and we’ll include it on the list.

About Re Volt

For a long time Toy-Volt has been making toys and games for children across the globe. Within a short time of launching their first product, they rocketed up the ranks of their market.

Re-Volt allows you to steer one of 28 remote-controlled cars on insane race tracks in a variety of settings. Because these cars are the size of real remote controlled vehicles, the objects that are found on the track are larger than real. Curbs are walls that grow into huge while toys can be considered obstacles all of it is a fair to drive over, around or over.

There are 13 tracks in four Cups with races taking place in the museums, supermarkets and even settings that look similar to your neighborhood.