Risk of Rain Returns Chef Unlock Guide

Unlocking the Chef in Risk of Rain Returns involves collecting specific items in a single run. Here’s a guide to help you unlock the Chef character efficiently:

Chef Unlock Requirement: Collect the following five items in a single run:

  1. Meat Nugget
  2. Bustling Fungus
  3. Sprouting Egg
  4. Bitter Root
  5. Foreign Fruit

Artifact of Command: To make your search easier, obtain the Artifact of Command. This artifact allows you to choose the contents of each chest, increasing your chances of getting the required items.

Artifact of Command Location: You can find the Artifact of Command in the Hive Cluster, located in the fourth level of the game.

Unlocking Chef with Artifact of Command:

  1. Acquire the Artifact of Command in the Hive Cluster.
  2. Use the Artifact of Command to choose the contents of the next five chests.
  3. Select Meat Nugget, Bustling Fungus, Sprouting Egg, Bitter Root, and Foreign Fruit.
  4. Successfully collecting these items in a single run will unlock the Chef character.

Video Guide: If you find it challenging to locate the Artifact of Command on your own, refer to this video guide from Storm_. It provides the exact location of the artifact.

About Risk of Rain Returns: Risk of Rain Returns offers an enhanced version of the iconic roguelike with careful design, remastering, and new game modes. Immerse yourself in challenging gameplay with unique loot combinations, new survivors, multiplayer improvements, and more.

Key Features:

  • Perfect your skills and abilities.
  • Discover new survivors and face increasingly difficult challenges.
  • Explore the mysteries of Petrichor V, uncovering ancient secrets.
  • Play as 15 unique survivors, each with new abilities to master.

With the return of Chef, you can slice, dice, and serve cold justice. Explore the game with diverse survivors and abilities, each offering a unique gameplay experience.