Risk of Rain Returns Drifter Unlock Guide

Unlocking the Drifter character in Risk of Rain Returns involves a specific task that requires focus and strategy. Here’s a quick guide to help you unlock Drifter:

Drifter Unlock Requirement: Recycle six drones in a single game.

Drone Farming Guide: Getting six drones in a game can be challenging as their locations are not fixed, and recycling stations also appear randomly. To make the task easier, follow these tips:

  1. Focus on Drones:
    • Concentrate on finding and activating drones exclusively.
    • Avoid trying to obtain anything else during the game.
  2. Use the Whip Item:
    • Equip the Whip item for extra movement speed.
    • Increased movement speed provides more opportunities to locate both drones and recycling stations.
  3. Targeted Areas:
    • Based on experience, recycling stations appear more frequently in the Hive Cluster and the Temple.
    • Spend more time in these areas to increase your chances of finding recycling stations.

Video Guide: Unfortunately, a specific video guide for Drifter unlock hasn’t been found. However, you can watch the Gamespot Drifter showcase for a visual overview.

About Risk of Rain Returns: Risk of Rain Returns offers a revamped and improved version of the iconic roguelike. Dive into an adventure packed with unique loot combinations, new survivors, enhanced multiplayer, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Perfect your skills and abilities in challenging gameplay.
  • Discover new survivors and face increasingly difficult challenges.
  • Explore the mysteries of Petrichor V, uncovering ancient secrets.
  • Play as 15 unique survivors, each with new abilities to master.

As you slice, dice, and navigate through the challenges, unlocking Drifter adds another layer of excitement to your Risk of Rain Returns experience. Good luck!