Risk of Rain Returns Miner Unlock Guide

Unlocking the Miner in Risk of Rain Returns involves defeating the Direseeker boss. Here’s a guide to help you unlock the Miner efficiently:

Miner Unlock Requirement: Defeat Direseeker (boss), located in a tunnel in the bottom-right corner of Stage 4 (Magma Barracks).

Miner Unlock Guide and Location: Follow these steps to find Direseeker and defeat him:

  1. Recommended Equipment:
    • Equip yourself with items like Hopoo Feather for increased mobility.
    • Choose characters with high health or regeneration capabilities.
  2. Navigate to Magma Barracks:
    • Reach the large lava lake at the bottom-right corner of the map in Magma Barracks.
  3. Locate the Tunnel:
    • Once at the large lava lake, find a narrow passage under the rock.
    • Use Hopoo Feather to jump into the passage.
  4. Defeat Direseeker:
    • At the end of the passage, you’ll encounter Direseeker.
    • Defeat Direseeker to unlock the Miner character.

Video Guide: If you find it challenging to locate Direseeker on your own, refer to this video guide from Storm_. It provides the exact location of Direseeker and visual assistance.

About Risk of Rain Returns: Risk of Rain Returns offers an enhanced version of the iconic roguelike with careful design, remastering, and new game modes. Immerse yourself in challenging gameplay with unique loot combinations, new survivors, multiplayer improvements, and more.

Key Features:

  • Perfect your skills and abilities.
  • Discover new survivors and face increasingly difficult challenges.
  • Explore the mysteries of Petrichor V, uncovering ancient secrets.
  • Play as 15 unique survivors, each with new abilities to master.

With the return of Miner, you can slice, dice, and serve cold justice. Explore the game with diverse survivors and abilities, each offering a unique gameplay experience.