Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Update 32 log and patch notes

The Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator update is out and brings new content, updates as well as bugs in the game!


Roblox the Anime Fighters Simulator unveiled their latest major update 32 on the 23rd of July 2022! The patch includes the updated Soul Academy Island with 12 new fighters, an all-new divine, the brand new Pharaoh Star in the World of Games, artifacts as well as a new balance for the dropping system and number of. Additionally, you will find various balance fixes, bug fixes and enhancements to the game experience!

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The Soul Academy is under attack! Visit the school and assist in defeating the intruders before it’s late! Be sure to take a look at the brand new artiffacts and the brand new drops system!

  • New Island: Soul Academy!
  • 12 New Fighters + 1 New Divine
  • New Pharaoh Star in World of Games
  • Added Artifacts
  • New Limit Breaker in Land of Guts
  • Rebalanced entire drop system
  • Drop passives nerfed
  • Dungeon drops buffed
  • Meteor drops buffed
  • A number of passives are now capable of being hatched
  • Level cap increased to 335!
  • Add dungeon tokens and shiny pots to the daily gift
  • Dungeon timer has been changed to 23 hours
  • Fixed team equipment
  • Optimised dungeon lag
  • Balance changes and bug fixes and improvements

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