Slap Battles Druid Glove Guide – Unlocking Gardens and Ghouls Badge

Embark on the quest to obtain the Druid Glove and earn the prestigious Gardens and Ghouls Badge in Slap Battles. Follow these steps to unlock the glove, the badge, and harness the power of the Wild Vines ability.

Slap Battles Druid Glove Unlock Guide:

  1. Teleport to Unknown World:
    • Craft the Corrupted Vines potion using the Alchemist Glove and drink it to teleport to the Unknown World.

    Corrupted Vines Recipe:

    • 3 Wild Vines
    • 1 Blood Rose
    • 1 Dark Root
    • 1 Elder Wood
    • 1 Jade Stone
  2. Unlock Alchemist Glove:
    • Achieve the Alchemist Glove by killing 10 different opponents using Plague’s passive ability in one life.
    • To get the Plague skill, be slapped by another Plague user.
  3. Defeat Minions in Unknown World:
    • Face hordes of minions in a tower defense game mode.
    • Unlock the Druid Glove by successfully passing Wave 6.

    Tower Options:

    • Blue Teeth Tower (Cost: 120 coins, Max: 8)
    • Yellow Scope Tower (Cost: 200 coins, Max: 5)
    • Tencelll Tower (Cost: 450 coins, Max: 6)


    • The Tencelll Tower is the most powerful but requires more coins, so some farming may be necessary before venturing to the Unknown World.
  4. Gardens and Ghouls Badge:
    • After defeating the sixth wave, you will receive both the Druid Glove and the Gardens and Ghouls badge.

Video Guide:

  • PremiumSalad has a video guide illustrating how to obtain the Druid Glove and the Gardens and Ghouls Badge.

Slap Battles Druid Glove Ability:

  • Wild Vines:
    • Launches vines that knock and paralyze anyone they hit for 5 seconds.
    • Note: Skills or gloves that can edit walkspeed may counter the paralysis effect.

While the Wild Vines ability has a great impact radius and can paralyze multiple players, its effectiveness depends on countering strategies. Watch the video guide for a visual walkthrough, and enjoy the power of the Druid Glove in Slap Battles!