Solar Smash Secret Achievements Guide

Solar Smash Secret Achievements guide – Road To 100% – Guides to unlock all achievements with locations, video guides and tips


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Solar Smash Secret Achievements Guide

These are the secrets to unlocking them all.

  • Planet Smasher! Your first planet is completely destroyed.
  • Land of the Free Washington – Launch one UFO above Washington DC and see it go down.
  • Order 66 Fire 66 missiles. – Refer to the Guide
  • Moscow – Launch one UFO above Moscow and see it being shot down.
  • The Shield has fallen! – Disable the shield from the Machineworld.
  • Member the Elite — Spare 1337m people from the planet.
  • Starlight: Invoke a Supernova and shoot a freezing beam at the Sun using the (System Smash mode).
  • Number Of The Beast – Save 666m people from the planet.
  • Customize a weapon with the Artist
  • Sunburnt – Destroy a Planet with the Sun (System Smash mode).
  • Rogue Star– Get the Sun out (System Smash mode).
  • Flat Earth Turn the Earth into an egg! – Refer to the Guide
  • Ice Age– Make the Earth a snowball! – See the Guide
  • Dohhhhhhnut! You must turn the Earth into an enormous Donut. Check out the Guide
  • Celestial Smite– Punish the Earth to pieces – See the Guide
  • Cube Earth– Chop the earth into a cube. – Refer to the Guide
  • Trick or Treatment – Unlockthe Pumpkin Planet. – See the Guide
  • Dissected

We leave you with guides to help you achieve these secret feats.

Ice Age Secret Achievement guide

You can also cover the entire planet with ice by using the freeze beam. This will unlock the Snowman World

Dohhhhhhnut! Secret Achievement guide

You can set the laser at “5” to destroy the upper or lower portions of the planet. Once you have left the middle, press reset

Celestial Smite Secret Achievement Guide

You will unlock the Ghost World by using only celestials and the purple ghosts from the monsters menu

Cube Earth Secret Achievement guide

This video guide is 2 minutes long, and it’s by youtuber Postposterous

Trick or Treat Secret Achievement Guide

The Planet Killer weapon can be found on the UFO tab (second from the top). It can be used anywhere on Earth. Just press the restart button at the correct time to activate the bomb.

We hope this guide helped you reach 100% of your goals. We are here to help you if you need any assistance or if you have questions.