System Shock: Enhanced Edition – Quick and Easy Controller Setup

You want to enjoy System Shock with a controller? This guide will show you how to set up System Shock in just 7 steps. You can beat the entire game without even touching your keyboard or mouse.


System Shock configuration to work with controllers

  • Step 1 :

Right-click System Shock Enhanced Edition and select “Properties …””

  • Step 2

Turn Steam Input on in the Controller section.

  • Step 3 :

Steam settings will allow you to enable the “Use Big Picture Overlay when Steam Input enabled controller is used from the desktop”.

  • Step 4 :

After launching the game, navigate to video options and resolution. Set the game to borderless mode.

  • Step 5

You should reset the key bindings so that they are set to the Enhanced default.

  • Step 6 :

Start the game again.

  • 7:

Steam: Open this link, it will download my controller configuration for System Shock.



  • It worked! :

The prompts you see shortly after you launch the game indicate that everything is working correctly.


This setup can beat the entire game. Every important action is clearly mapped, and it’s very easy to use.

  • Realspace controls


The default configuration does not have the Cyberspace key mappings to “Use Misc Software”, and “Select Misc Software”. I recommend that they be assigned the same key mappings to select and use patches. This will allow you to select and use misc software in the same way as you choose and use patches.

Also with this config sometimes if you die while standing/crouching/prone and revive or load the game in a difference stance, the controls might get a bit out of synch, if this happens i recommend cycling through all 3 stances once and it should fix itself.


I have seen radial menus stop working in certain cases. This could be due to a glitch with steam input. Open the steam overlay and choose Controller Configuration.

In the new menu, don’t change anything. Just press Done. This seems to solve the problem.

STABLE I recommend using a controller that has gyro. This config will work with any normal controller but System Shock can sometimes require high precision, so gyro aim is best to make the game fun.