The Isle Tenontosaurus How to Grow Nest And Survive

This is a step-by-step guide on how to develop, nest, and live as a Tenontosaurus. The information you will find will be a guideline to follow to find the perfect diet, the controls , and how to build a nest, and the things you must do to be able to survive.


While writing this article, I am in a tree near a swamp, enjoying perfect nutrition, 64%, and one hour, 19 minutes in my session as an otontosaurus. I wanted to share my experience and highlight the red flags that you must avoid or encourage as you grow into an adult.


In the beginning, you should concentrate on spawning in North West. Or NW. If you’re located in a big server, this is one of the most popular places for deinos, carnos or Utahs. I would suggest exploring the Utah Rock prior to crossing across the plains to the shallows. Be cautious that you’re a quick teno , and you’re not losing any stamina. So be prepared to take any chance you can.

However, when you are spawning you must find the radishes. They’re among the rarest ones you can find, and you’ll should stock up on the most you can. I generally take my nutrition bar to the store prior to setting off. The water isn’t a problem. don’t drink in the river.

Then, you’re at the bottom. Where can you go from now? You’re looking to go in the opposite direction of the beginning of the shallows until you find a mud-like path. It is recommended to follow it down to your second stream. Here you can drink and walk across the river in safety.


What’s next? Go down, south. It’s important to eat enough food so that you are able to eat Ash as soon as you arrive. If you happen to land on the beach with a beach as well as an ocean, it’s not the right place to be. If you notice an unnatural dam and strange yellowish grass growing up, the right place to be.

Now, you have the right direction and where you should go.

You can now relax at Swamp and take in ash and potatoes until you’re fully grown.


Stranger Danger

The problem that we all knew we couldn’t afford to.

The way you speak can reveal your location, and exposes you to people who may be hunting you, and potentially cause death. Be aware of the surroundings is crucial. If you spot three or more people it is likely that they will shield yourself from danger. The issue is what they’re doing and where you’re going.

If you’re an juvi-sub, you must be stationed in the swamp to ensure your safety and to ensure your survival. Refraining from leaving is detrimental to your diet and won’t benefit you over the long term.


There are some carnivores which frequently look around the area for herbivores, predominantly tenos, since their diet is native to the area However, don’t be worried. Most dinos are infant-sized or sub. Adults are advised to occasionally swim upstream. That’s why I do not recommend drinking in the river.

If you’re a mature adult, I’m able to say that you have a fair chance. I’d still suggest sitting by the water and waiting, since in the event of being struck by two carnos, you’d probably be killed.

Groups are the most effective method to protect yourself as a teno the strength of numbers is an excellent way to stress this.


If you are in the group, be sure that your ideals are identical to theirs or that you are simply wandering about that’s good.

Courting, Nesting, and Raising

Find that teno who really wants to see you have children? Yeah, let’s go.

In order to begin courting, you must face the other while holding down N. After some time, you can look over your status and check if you’re connected with the person you are courting. If so in a relationship, you can make an eagle nest wherever you’d like as an Teno.


The aim is to to manage two diets.

The combinations you can choose to cover when you build a nest are:

  • Radish, Potatoes
  • Mtn. Ash, Potatoes

I would recommend Mtn. Ash and Potatoes because it’s located near the swamp and a easy to access. As a mature teno it’s unlikely that deinos will be able to attack you when you’re surrounded by a large number of. Therefore, when you nest, bring about three tenos around you to ensure you have enough slot to build.


If you are building your nest, the father is able to assist and help you the nest is built in the location you’d like. Be sure not to go too close to water, or stay in a forest area that is densely forested as children who do not understand where exactly they’re going will be confused and incapable of recognizing the place they are.

After the nest has been set in the nest, I think you’ll be able to have a complete house or less. In any case, you’ll need to keep your eggs warm as there’s an indicator telling you when they’re too hot or cold.

Once the eggs are in place, individuals can ask to be born inside, and you’ll need to agree that they are born within your family as your child.


The feeding of your kids can be an issue. If you have children of children of your own, take them out of their nest quickly then feed them. Instruct them to press F , and it will feed them this way. This is a throw-up procedure however, you’ll get the idea.

Then the waiting game continues until they’re older.

As soon as they are born, the children will be added to the group once they’re infants and when they reach Juvi, they’ll be kicked out when there’s no room in the group to accommodate them.


Be cautious and be sure to take care of your children. Then, it’s exactly what you did.

Survival Of The Fittest

It’s either time to stop having small tenos flitting around or you’ve left the server and returned once more. Then you’re all on your own and with no clue what to do.

The first issue is about diet. Diet boosts your energy levels and health benefits, all the way to everything. You must focus on ensuring that your diet is healthy to ensure that your teno stays well-nourished and ready to go into battle.


The second question is how far do you need to travel? If it’s a long distance then make sure you have enough water and food so that you don’t need to fret about it in the future when you’re on the road. It’s a bad idea to go off-course for the navigational standards.

You can also check out the map from the beginning chapter to see the exact location of everything. I’ll email an hyperlink for this site that I utilized to search for the coordinates of my location and the location I was. It was very useful!

Continued Is it a complete or a smaller server? A lot of carnivores post their location on a large server since they are just so numerous users so it doesn’t matter as well, in a group they are able to take down anyone they wish. Smaller servers are populated by silent killers, who are usually on their own, hunting.


Beware of any calls that are unusual.

In FG you are able to take on certain things however you should attempt to find an FG group that you can travel with. It is also possible to look after that random Jovi Teno you bumped into recently.

If you’re feeling bored and you’re overwhelmed, I would suggest exploring, visiting a place you’ve never been before or sitting in a forest doing something different.


There are some warning signs…

  • 3+ 3+
  • 2+ carnos
  • 1+ fg deino

I’m not a certified combat instructor Please bear with me.

Author Notes

Throughout the time I’ve been writing this post, I’ve been advancing my teno to fg the third time. Actually, I had an idea that I wanted to write an instruction manual since the version I had read seemed a bit unlogical, and I took an entirely different path from the instructions given by the girl in the step.


I love visual concepts I like visual concepts, yes.

I’ve always been against herbivores, however, when I was exposed to the teno by my pals, I was shocked. Fantastic model, fantastic game I was enthralled by everything about it.

While I’ve never had a nest however, I was able to go over the things I’ve learned and observed by watching my friends’ nests. have their own Tenos.

Even though The Isle is rigged, I still love it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.