The Planet Crafter – All Butterflies Guide

These are the locations and appearances of all the butterfly pupae that I could find.


How to get butterflies

Butterflies will be available once you have reached the insect stage. You’ll need to do some terraforming before you can start. You can increase your insect stage progress by using butterflies.


Once you reach that level, the larvae will begin to spawn on your floor. You can then pick them up and mutate them using their designated crafting table.

There are three types of larvae: common, uncommon, and rare. Wild butterfly pupae (still known as larvae in the game) is also available.

Common larvae can become 6 different butterflies (screenshots in the section below).


You won’t get any butterflies from uncommon larvae. You can make them into silkworms or bees.

Rare larvae cannot give you more than 4 butterflies (screenshots are also available in the section below).

Common Butterflies / Les papillons communs


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Azurea (120%)


Galaxe (175%).



Leani (175%).



Empalio (120%)


Fensea (200%)



Abstreus (175%)

Rare Butterflies



Penga (230%)


Aemel (300%)



Chevrone (250%)



Liux (500%)

Wild Butterflies

The wild butterfly pupae can be found in certain areas, instead of regular larvae. They can be difficult to find and frustrating to locate. However, if you persevere and know where to look you will be able to quickly identify them.

I noticed that they didn’t spawn if they moved too fast. My favorite method of getting them to appear was to jetpack for 3-4 seconds, then stop and look around.



Nere (600%)

The sulphur pits are where you will find the nesting area for the larvae. Avoid the dusty area as larvae can be difficult to spot because of low visibility.



Lorpen (600%)

The waterfall area is home to Lorpen pupae. Because of their bright colours, they are easy to spot. However, I did see a few underwater so it might be worth checking near the waterline.



Fiorente (600%)

Fiorente pupae were to me the most difficult to locate. This is likely because they can spawn anywhere. The ones I found were located in the eastern half of the map, where the crashed space station is. They might have been easier to spot because of the bright sand.



Alben (700%)

Alben pupae seem to be restricted to the area south east of the city with grey dirt and several old buildings. It is difficult to identify the larvae due to the complex colour scheme. It is best to take it slowly so you don’t miss it.



Futura (800%)

Futura pupae have one of the highest ratios. Because of their bright pink glow, they are easy to spot. You can find them in the underground mushroom cave, which is accessible from either the waterfall or the southern darkest part of the area. They should be the last thing on your bucket list if you have followed this guide. Congratulations!



When hunting for butterflies, my first tip is to always have 3 iron, 2 titanium, and 1 silicon with you. You can use this to keep a small shack nearby whenever you need to refill your O2.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming to farm butterflies. It’s a good idea to plan ahead. Bring plenty of water and food, and if you’re like I, have something to listen too while you hunt to keep your spirits up.

You can recycle unwanted rare and common butterflies! Although it seemed strange that this was allowed, I found it to be very practical. However, having two incubators around the recycler helped me save a lot of time.

This concludes the tips and guide. Thank you for reading. I hope this guide is useful.